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What is Aivan?
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Business deployments from a global perspective
Aivan's business activities are focused on the export of high performance Japanese cars. Although a fairly new company its founder has been involved in the second-hand car business for a number of years now, thus enabling him to utilize his experience and knowhow in the business. Second-hand passenger cars are what are mainly handled but we can now also precisely respond to a variety of automotive accessories and construction machinery, including construction vehicles.
The export sales of used cars that Aivan is involved in, all of which have been securely repaired and maintained, centers on the realization of the idea of "reuse, reproduce and recycle", and hence we are very proud to be contributing to saving the global environment.
We intend to continue to be a global oriented business, and cherish the ideals of "sincerity, safety, and credibility" in responding to the variety of needs of customers worldwide. Rest assured that Aivan is fulfilling its role while aiming at a secure future.
Corporate Policy
■Sincerity・・・We sincerely deploy our business from the point of view of customers.
■Safety・・・Our best efforts are always used in realizing requests from customers.
■Credibility・・・Total service in satisfying customers.
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